Somali PM Kheire Meets With John Bolton In Washington


The US government has commended Somali government for its commitment to improving the economy of the country which is recovering from decades-long civil war.

In a meeting with Somali prime minister, Hassan Ali Kheire on Wednesday, US National Security adviser, John Bolton said the government in the Horn of Africa nation has come with a better strategy on enhancing the economy.

The advisor and Somali Prime minister have held discussions on the relations between Somalia and the United States.

Their talks focused on the fight against terrorism and peace restoration in the horn of Africa region.

Confirming the meeting, Mr. Bolton said in a Twitter post that he hosted Somali Prime minister who is in Washington DC for trip duty.

“Pleased to have hosted Somali PM Khayre (Kheire). I congratulated him on Somalia’s economic reforms and urged sustained engagement on this front. We discussed ways to deepen the strong U.S-Somalia partnership on critical issues including counter-terrorism and regional stability,” the Twitter post reads.

The delegation led by PM Kheire had arrived in Washington DC last Sunday to hold talks with officials from the international monetary Institutions.

The PM held talks with top officials from World Bank on Somalia’s bid of debt relief.

The meeting which took place on Wednesday was attended by World Bank President, David Malpass, his deputy, Hafiz Ghanim and the institution’s Executive Director for Africa.

According to Somali Finance Minister, Abdulrahman Beyle, the two sides discussed Somalia’s economic reforms process and the debt cancellation process.

“It is a great honor for as to be the first country to meet the new World Bank president for discussions. Our discussions focused on the developments and the way forward on the debt cancellation procedures for Somalia.” said the Minister in a Twitter post.