When will National Independent Electoral Commission’s term ends?


  • The National Independent Election Commission’s term will end four months after the end of Parliament and President Terms” According to NIEC term Is Somalia ready for a one-person one-vote election in 2020/2021?

As its law mentioned on it 9th article the term of NIEC is six years not renewable beginning the day Parliament approved members of the Committee.

Thus the House of people approved the nine members Committee on July 6th 2015, so the term will end on July 6th 2021.

As 60th and 91 1st Articles of Drafted Constitution mentioned the term of office the Cabinet, President and Parliament are four years beginning the day of Parliament election results announced, and the day of the president taking Oath, therefore the Parliament term will end on 27 December 2020 and the president will end Feb 8th 2021.

The National Independent Elections Committee announced that it will conduct one man one vote election, and there are several possibilities of holding one man one vote elections in 2021.those still unperformed well like Country’s stability, national statistics, voters registration, Election Laws, public awareness to the voters, Constitution issues, Somaliland and resolving Federalism Problems.

Halima Ismail Ibrahim, Chairperson of the NIEC said on 3 Oct 2018 “I want to remind all stakeholders that 2019 is a critical time in which all deadlines have to be met. I ask everybody from Federal Government and donors to take their respective roles in bringing universal suffrage elections to Somalia in 2020/2021. We ask all stakeholders to provide continued technical and financial support to strengthen the NIEC’s position as an independent entity,”

She calls Federal Government of Somalia and International Community to take their responsibility toward holding country wide elections in 2021.

Halima’s view shows that there in is huge concern of time and process of 2021 one man one vote elections which is not possible.

On May 2, 2019 Somalia’s Cabinet approved National Elections draft law, the 56th article of the Draft hints that the elections may delay and there is possibilities of  and  Parliament and president extension .

On July 21st 2019, Speaker of house of people appointed 15 members of parliament who will analyze elections draft law, but there is still concern relates term extension from the cabinet.

If the NIEC is facing those challenges how can they tell people the possibilities of holding one man one vote?

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