AMISOM,KDF forces foil Al Shabaab attack in Kuday Somalia, kill top commander

AMISOM and KDF forces on Saturday foiled an Al Shabaab attack in Kuday, Somalia, killing two militants in the process including a commander, Bashe Nure Hassan.
Kenya Defence Forces spokesman Joseph Owuoth said in a statement the terrorists had launched an attack on the Somali National Army (SNA) camp adjacent to KDF and AMISOM’s.
“In the subsequent engagement, AMISOM troops supported the SNA allies using mortars and machine gun fire to scuttle the terrorist attack,” he said.
Several militants were suspected to have escaped with injuries but Owouth said there were no casualties on the SNA, AMISOM or KDF troops during the dawn attack.
Three AK 47 rifles, eleven magazines, a satellite phone and 290 rounds of ammunition were recovered from the attackers.
“AMISOM/KDF soldiers remain vigilant and will continue to relentlessly pursue the terrorists to ensure peace and security of our country Kenya, as well as support AMISOM operations to stabilize Somalia,” Owuoth said.
The botched attack was staged two weeks after KDF raided Al Shabaab command and logistics centre in lower Jubaland, Somalia where they killed 31 militants and recovered assorted weapons in Baadhade, 40 kilometres from the Kenyan border.