Annual Elman Youth Cup (U-16) kicks off in Somalia

The prosperity of football development world over is embedded from the sound youth structures and laid.

In the horn of Africa country Somalia, emphasis has been also laid onto such youth programmes with top premier clubs encouraged to have nurseries and academies for continuity.

Also, there are independent football academies and youth teams that have sprout out.

To create a competitive setting amongst these academies, several youth competitions as the Elman Youth Cup have been encouraged.

It is upon this strong background that at least 576 young players from 32 teams are taking part in the 2020 Elman Youth Cup which is in the U-16 age catergory.

This week-long tournament is taking place at the Daljirka Stadium in Boondheere District, Mogadishu.

“This year, we have hosted 32 team in the Elman Youth Cup from academies and youth teams of the Somalia Premier League clubs. We expect to play for one week with the objective of identifying potentially good players and developing their talents” Omar Muhammed, an official disclosed to Kawowo Sports.

Elman Sports Club is organizing this championship.

The local organizing committee has a team of tried and tested leaders as Mohamed Omar Hashi, Abdiqani Abbas, Ahmed Osman, Omar Dayah and Mohamed Abdulkadir.

This tournament is expected to end on Saturday, 18th July 2020 with the winners and top performers rewarded with various prizes ranging from trophies, plaques, jerseys, balls to medals.

Some of the participating teams are; Elman Sports Club  U16 team, Llpp Jenyo U16, Hilaac Sports Academy, Midnimo Youth, Heegan U16 and Rajo U16 among others.


One of the teams taking part in the Elman U-16 tournament – Hilaac Sports Academy (Credit: Omar Muhammed)
One of the teams taking part in the Elman U-16 tournament – Hilaac Sports Academy (Credit: Omar Muhammed)


Source: Kawowo sport