Dr. Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharma’arke Prime mister has succeeded the first seat of the upper house members elected from Putland

Somali Prime minister Dr sharma’arke has succeeded the first seat of the upper house parliament member from Putland state.

Mr Sharma’arke has got 47 ballots of the putland parliament that voted while Ms Amina Adan Abdullahi has got  17 ballots.

The election of the upper house representatives of the 10th parliament that is expected to be formed in the next term is perfectly continue the federal states.

Galmudug state, South West State and Jubbaland Stated elected their representatives of the upper house members and today it is expected that Putland will submit its representative of the upper house of the Federal Parliament while Hirshabel state that recently established and Somaliland  member are willing to submit their representatives.

In the next month is expecting  that the upper house member will swore  in the 20th November while the election of the lower house is also expecting to elect before that day as both of the house to elect the next president of federal Republic of Somalia.