Galmudug senators call for peace in Galka’yo

The newly elected Galmudug Senators have called for an end to incessant fighting in Galkaayo expressing concern over loss of lives and property in the recent clashes.

The eight Senators said they were deeply concerned by the fresh fighting in Galkaayo which erupted last week displacing hundreds of families and leading to death of more than ten people.


“We are very concerned by the fighting in Galkaayo. Several lives have been lost, property destroyed and further escalation will inhibit any meaningful development in this region,” the senators said in a statement.

Both sides of the divide must pull out their militias so that any substantive peace talks can realised, the leaders said while calling for the Dialogue Committee appointed last year to re-engage once again to find a permanent solution to the problem.

In joint talks following deadly fighting in Galkaayo last year, the international community, Federal and regional leaders established a Dialogue Committee to advance talks towards a peaceful co-existence in Galkaayo which is shared by Puntland and Galmudug states.

Fighting flared up Thursday morning after a lull following a call by religious leaders for cessation of hostilities. There were no immediate reports on casualties but Goobjoog News correspondent in the area says there was heavy exchange of fire in Garsoor village west of Galkaayo.

The Senators further called on leaders from Puntland and Galmudug to come together to end the fighting and help vulnerable groups and those injured. They also said that the Federal Government should also intervene to avert any further bloodshed.