General Gobanle killed in car bomb attack in the capital

The head of the 3rd battalion in the Somali National Army  General Mohamed RobleJima’ale has been killed in a car explosion at the entrance of Ministry of Defence headquarters in Mogadishu.

Initial reports indicate a number of other military personnel have been killed in the Sunday afternoon explosion which involved a vehicle bone improvised explosive devices.

“A vehicle loaded with explosives rammed into a military truck near the entrance of the Ministry of Defence killing the army chief and several others,”

The source said the military man was driving out of the ministry premises when he was hit by the explosives laden vehicle.

Although it is not immediately clear who is behind the attack, the attack resembles similar assaults perpetrated by Al Shabab insurgents.

This attack comes a day after Somali and African Union forces recaptured El Wak after it was briefly seized by Al Shabaab.

The group has ramped up attacks in a bid to disrupt parliamentary and presidential elections next month.


Doctors at Medina Hospital said Jima’ale succumbed to injuries as he was being attended after he was rushed there.