History is made as Senate endorses Rules and Procedures

Senators today made a historic move endorsing the Rules of Procedures for the Senate following several days of debate.

The Rules of Procedures which were presented to individual members for review last month were adopted in a unanimous vote taking the new chamber of the Federal Parliament a step further in institutionalizing itself in Somalia.

The rules which are broken down into 10 articles and 95 sub articles are instrumental in not only providing directions for business in the Senate but also set out parameters for Senators including disciplinary measures.

Senators who miss committee meetings for three consecutive months for instance, the rules say will be forwarded the Senate disciplinary committee.

First deputy Senate Speaker Abshir Bukhari hailed the adoption of the rules as historic and crucial in moving the Senate a step further.

“Senate today marked a milestone with conclusion and adoption of Senate Rules of Procedures. A Historic Day for the Upper House,” the Senator said in a tweet.

The Rule of Procedure mention among other things the calendar of the senate. The first session of the year starts 5th January and ends in 5th May. There will be a break for two months before the senate resumes 5th of July to 5th November.