NUSOJ welcomes the release of two journalist who have been arrested in Mogadishu

NUSOJ welcomes the release of two journalist who have been arrested in Mogadishu

National Union of Somali Journalists welcome the release of two Somali journalists who have been arrested last two days in East Police station in Abdul-Aziz neighborhood in north of the Somali capital Mogadishu.

A female Journalist Rahma Yusuf Jimale and Ahmed Yusuf Suleyman were both released at 8:00AM local time this morning and the two journalists were arrested from Banaadir Staduim on Friday afternoon while they were going to do a TV report for the inter-state foot ball tournament kick off.

Police officers accused of two the journalists that a sniffer dog suspected several times their bag in which they were carrying for their equipment and ordered further investigation but no dangerous materials were found.

National Union of Somali Journalists condemns the constant arrest of journalists in Somalia without charge or trail particularly this last incident and call for the Somali Police to respect the countries’ constitution, media freedoms and freedom of expression.

“We are indeed welcoming that our colleagues received back their freedom
and our hearts and minds were always with them but we wish the case to be totally ended and journalists fully freed” NUSOJ Secretary General Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu said.

Somali media is now encountering many difficulties including killings, arrests, forced closures of media outlets, threats, and occasionally, criminal charges.

Two journalists were killed in Mogadishu this year 2016 and only the last two weeks eight journalists were arrested in Somalia despite several days and hours later released without charge.

Two Journalists were detained in Jowhar, four others in Kismayo plus the last two journalists released this morning.