Puntland lower house elections started in Garowe

The election has started today in morning at Garowe, the headquarters of Puntland state. All the delegates were present as the election is moving smoothly.



There are 50 delegates that are voting in the election. The candidates availed themselves at the venue.

The security of the area is tightened by the police force and all the peace keeping forces of Puntland state. All the roads that led to the city were blocked, in order to restrict movement of people and vehicle.

The latest results show that, there are candidates who won the competition and this is how things happened.

Candidate Ali Yusuf, who was competing with Abdirashid Hassan Nadif, got 49 votes out of the 50 votes, while Abdirashid Hassan Nadif got just 1 vote out the 50 votes. This means Mr. Ali Yusuf is a member of Puntland lower house. Twelve (12) members are to be elected for the lower house.

The election is going on. All we wait is the next result.