Somali Government confirms two operations in south Somalia have killed several militants of Al-shabaab including high commanders


Somali Special Commandos forces that US trained (DANAB) have killed several Al-Shabab fighters including senior commanders and Al-Shabaab technical vehicles destroyed during covert operations in southern Somalia, as stated a spokesman of ministry national security Mr. Abdikamil Shukri Mo’allim.

In a statement to newsrooms, the ministry of national security confirmed its elite forces carried out clandestine operations in Sakow town inflicting heavy losses on the militant group in a sustained campaign to secure major regions of the country ahead of the September polls.

“Somali commandos supported by the US special forces hit Al-Shabaab targets in Sakow town, killing several fighters including senior members of the group,” the statement dated August 16 noted.

Although the Somali government has not however made reference to the names of Al-Shabaab commanders. But the media reports Al-Shabaab leader Abu Ubaida and the group’s spokesman Abu Muscaib may have been eliminated in the raid.

On the other hand US state department official told BBC Somali Monday that indeed US with Somali elite squad were involved in operations in Middle Jubba.

Ubeidah took over the group’s leadership in September 2014 when then leader Ahmed Abdi Godane killed in a US airstrike.

US and Somali elite forces have in the past few months launched clandestine operations in Lower and Middle Jubba regions killing several senior Al-Shabaab members.

There were no immediate reports from Somali government or US concerning the operation which is billed to be one of the deadliest for the militant group.

The operations have been intensified as Somalia prepares for Presidential and Parliamentary elections set to start from September.