Somalia receives bulletproof vehicles from Turkey

Turkish government helped Somali government with bulletproof buses to strengthen the Police force.

Somalia’s ambassador to Turkey, Mr. Abdullahi Mohamed Ali, together with his assistants, has received the gift from Turkish government. The buses were two in number which are meant for the police.

The police forces will be using the buses to carry prisoners from the prison to the court without having any trouble. Turkish ship will be bringing the buses to Mogadishu port.

Mr. Abdullahi, Somalia to Turkey ambassador, thanks Turkish government for the tireless support they pay to the Federal Government of Somalia and the Somalia’s different forces.

The ambassador said that, this is a step of improvement which strengthens the forces. The ambassador added that, the central prisons have been improving and it will be an additional merit if the buses arrive in Somalia.

This is not the first time that, Turkish government is helping Somalia. It was recently when Turkish government helped Somalia with police uniform and sophisticated weapons.