Turkey explosion: At least six killed and more than 100 injured as car bomb rocks.

At least six people have been killed and more than 100 injured in a car bombing in the Turkish city of Elazig.

Witnesses said the blast struck near a local police station on Thursday morning, hours after another car bomb was detonated near the Iranian border.

Local suspicion quickly turned to Kurdish separatist groups but there was no immediate claim of responsibility for either attack.

Footage showed dozens of people running from the explosion in Elazig, which partly destroyed several buildings and left the street strewn with rubble and overturned cars.

Inside the police station, officers searched for their colleagues through offices filled with debris, after windows were shattered and walls and ceilings blown down by the force of the blast.Habeeb E4335E1F-78DD-4585-BFCD-80074D251BA8_w987_r1_s