UPDATE: FNP Coalition welcomes Dhusamareb deal, calls for more consultations

The Forum for National Parties (FNP) coalition has welcomed the electoral deal reached in Dhusamareb but called for inclusion of all stakeholders.

The Coalition termed the agreement ‘one step forward’ but noted there was need for the input of stakeholders which did not attend the talks in Dhusamareb.

They singled out the inclusion of Jubbaland, Puntland and political parties before the agreement is adopted.

Both Puntland and Jubbaland have dismissed the pact as ‘personal opinions’. The two Federal Member States did not attend the talks which concluded on Friday.

In the agreement yet to be approved by parliament, 301 voters will elect a single MP while senators will be elected by Federal Member State parliaments

FNP has also called for resolution of differences between the Lower House and the Upper House before the agreement is presented to them for adoption.

The Coalition also proposed the formation of a technical committee including political parties and civil society to enable them participate in the electoral process.