Usain Bolt ‘Caught In Bed With Brazilian Student’ After Celebrating His Birthday

Unsurprisingly, his girlfriend isn’t thrilled

Having cleaned up Rio 2016 with three gold medals, Usain Bolt has had a pretty good time of late – culminating in his 30th birthday yesterday.

The sprinter went big with the celebrations, hitting the De Bracos Albertas club in Rio where – naturally – footage of him twerking with a girl was duly captured and put online.

Then, at 7am, a student called Jady Duarte shared images on WhatsApp of the two in bed with the world’s fastest man topless and giving her a hug.

All of which would be rather funny, if not for the fact Bolt has a girlfriend of two years who left Twitter after the story broke (for three hours, at least).Which might mean Bolt is going to start his 30s with some explaining to do.